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    Hostname Aliases

    Paul Hecker
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      I have a customer running BMC Discovery 11.1 who is trying to use BMC Discovery to identify DNS aliases for discovered hosts.  When creating a customized report on discovered hosts, the "Hostname Aliases" field in BMC Discovery shows no information.  Nor does a search of BMC Discovery for the DNS Alias name.


      So, as far as aliases go, in DNS, a host can have multiple IP addresses with a different hostname attached to each IP address and a host can have a single IP address with multiple hostnames (aliases) attached to that one IP address.  I need to discover the all hostnames (aliases) attached to an IP address.


      As a test, in my lab I created 2 aliases (CNAME's) for an existing hostname in DNS and then used NSLOOKUP to verify that each of the aliases resolved to the same IP address.  However, after running successful discovery on the host, no aliases appeared in BMC DIscovery,


      In researching, a check of the "Viewing a host", https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/DISCO111/Viewing+a+host, in BMC Documents provided the small bit of information shown below.


      FIELD NAME                   DETAILS

      Hostname Aliases            Other names by which this host is known. List of string values.


      Can anyone tell me if "Hostname Aliases" is indeed "DNS Alises" and what is needed to discover them?


      Many thanks!