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    AST:Attributes unique keys definition & DDM

    Jan Sierens
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      Workflow, joins for example, use $ReconciliationIdentity$ = 'ReconciliationIdentity' in BaseElement or ($ReconciliationIdentity$ = 'ReconciliationIdentity') OR ('ReconciliationIdentity' = $InstanceId$) for other AST forms.


      DDM packages defines field 179 (InstanceId) as unique key for AST:Attributes.


      These inconsistentencies and causes problems.


      Why is there a difference between AST:BaseElement and other AST forms?


      Why does DDM define yet an other field, InstanceId as key?


      When loading though AST:LoadAttributes the InstanceId can in AST:Attributes can get changed, when importing from multiple sources as the CI's in different import sets or after clearing the import dataset. This causes issues during DDM in these cases.