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    License for Knowledge

    Peter Lundqvist
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      I am sorry for trying this venue for this - but we are getting a bit frustrated.


      We have recently started using Smart IT and are now looking at using Knowledge Management.

      It was very easy to get a license quote, but it seems to be impossible to get a clear picture of what

      • a license entitles us to
      • we need (permissions, licenses)
      • we need to do to ensure that we are compliant


      Our last attempt to get some clarity into this was basically:

      If I buy 1 license what can I do? What "Application Permissions" Can I set?

      Knowledge Admin
      Knowledge Config
      Knowledge Submitter
      Knowledge User
      Knowledge Viewer

      How do I keep track of how many licenses I need to have?

      We thought this was a pretty straight forward question, but no. All we got was that these permissions do not require licenses. If that is true, what do we need a license for?

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          LJ LongWing


          The license allows you to run the Knowledge Management.....think of it as the ability to install the software...without the license you may be able to do it, but it wouldn't be legal....once the license has been purchased, you can use it legally.

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            Anne Brock

            Hi, Peter - it depends on what licensing model you are on. It sounds like you are on the older model; but you really need to check with your rep.


            On the older model, you need a license to view and create and modify articles if you don't have a suite license. I think most customers match knowledge licenses to service desk licenses; so if you have 50 SD licenses, buy 50 knowledge licenses.


            But please check with your rep. If you are on the new model, I believe the model the Service Desk license includes Knowledge.


            Did I mention please check with your rep and don't rely on what I wrote?

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              Peter Lundqvist

              I can assure you we are checking with our rep and support - to be honest your answer has made the most sense to me so far.

              We do have an ITSM Suite license (i think the model we have is called "Blue"), what does that mean?


              Every user can read and we need a license for write and admin?

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                Anne Brock

                Yes - "Under Suite pricing, the entitlement to search, view and submit knowledge articles is part of all ITSM user license bundles, if RKM is on version 7.6.03 or higher. But for updates of knowledge articles users need to have either the Knowledge Management user license bundle or the ITSM Suite user license bundle."


                Hope that helps!

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                  Peter Lundqvist

                  Thank you so much!