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    Separate Threat Director Components

    Edwin Lindeman
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      Looking for some advice/suggestions.  We are currently ramping Threat Director and have a installation with Portal and the DCA Indexing server on the same server. We'd like to break out the DCA Indexing piece on a separate box.


      Is it possible to break that out on an existing installation or would it make better sense to start fresh and separate them out during installation?


      Any suggestions/advice is appreciated.

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          Amit Gupta

          Hi Edwin,


          Yes, it is possible to move it to a new host on existing installation. You can then keep the one on the same host as portal or shut it off.


          Installing the ES on new host is described at:

          Installing only the DCA Indexing Server - Documentation for BMC BladeLogic Portal 2.2 - BMC Documentation


          You can either add the existing and new ES in a cluster mode, or completely point the portal server to the new host. You can do that by following step 4 at  Configuring clusters of DCA Index Servers - Documentation for BMC BladeLogic Portal 2.2 - BMC Documentation


          If you decide to shut off the one co-hosted with Portal, shutting off instructions are given below:

          How do I disable an unwanted DCA Index Server?

          Use this procedure to disable an unwanted DCA Index Server.

          Take one of the following actions on a machine where the DCA Index Server is installed:

          • (Windows): From the Windows Control Panel, take the following steps:
            1. Select Administrative Tools > Services.
            2. Right-click the the DCA Index Service and select Stop.
              If you are disabling a DCA Index Server that was installed by a standard portal installation, the service is called
              BMC DCA Index Service 1.7.3 (DCAIndexService) .
              If you are disabling a stand-alone DCA Index Service, the service is called DCA Index Service.
            3. When the service is stopped, right-click it again and select Properties.
              A properties window opens.
            4. For Startup Type, select Disabled.
            5. Click OK.
          • (Linux): Enter the following commands:
            /etc/init.d/DCAIndexService stop
            chkconfig DCAIndexService off