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    SmartIT: default product category for all INC tickets

    Alexander Schmidt
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      Dear Community


      I would like to put some default values into Product Category Tier 1,2 and 3 for all INC tickets.

      It should be applied to all tickets created in SmartIT, MyIT and via E-Mail.


      Background is, that I want to make the mentioned categories mandatory. If I set the field properties in DEV studio to "Required" MyIT and Mails cannot generate any self-service tickets as those are not pushing the Prod Cat values into the ticket.


      I have tried to build a little filter on HPD:Help Desk

      Run If: ('Product Categorization Tier 1' = $NULL$) OR ('Product Categorization Tier 2' = $NULL$) OR ('Product Categorization Tier 3' = $NULL$)

      Set Field Action:

      This is working fine, as long as the category fields are not set to "Required"

      As soon as I change it, the tickets created vie MyIT and E-Mail run into the error stating that all mandatory fields need to be filled.


      Does anybody have any idea how I could achieve this?


      Thanks and Regards,