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    Software Packages - Operations?

    Johannes Richter

      Dear Community,


      We are starting to install software packages using Day1 and Day2 operations. Now we are wondering what the operations start and stop can do. They can be configured for each software package in the application designer and/or option editor of the service catalog. Possible are AO workflows or BSH NSH scripts.


      Extract from the documentation (Configuring end-user Option Choices in service blueprints - Documentation for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6 - BMC D… ):


      16. (optional) Click the Operation tab.

      For each software package, define the start and stop operations to perform on the software packages.

      1. Select the action type (for example, Script).
      2. Enter the name of the NSH script or AO workflow (for example, "open_port_windows.nsh").
        If you are entering a BMC Atrium Orchestrator action, enter moduleName:workflowName.


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