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    Create Error to Staff during Approval Process

    Sasha Gladkikh

      Is it possible to create an error when a staff member tries to open an incident that is pending approval? This will be different from the record lock. For a certain service request, only one staff member currently completes them. In the incident template for the request definition, the staff name already is populated in the staff field. This causes confusion to the staff member after an approval process was set up. No error is visible until after the record has been edited, which in this case is when the staff completes the request and tries to set it to resolved. The pending approval is not easily seen since you have to go to the details page to see it, something the staff member does not remember to do with each request that comes in. In the activity feed, the action history only shows pending even after one has been approved/rejected. An error message that will not allow the staff to go into the incident would be a perfect solution, but I am not sure if it is possible.