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    PatrolAgent and OS KM upgrade using TSPS v11

    Pradeep Nagar
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      Hello All,

      I am new to Truesight world and we are in process of migrating legacy BEM infra to TSOM. We are working on a use case to upgrade Patrol Agent and OS KM using TSPS v11.

      While creating the packages in TSPS we need to mention root password and patrol service account password in order to facilitates the KM upgrades. Think on the scenario where you have very large estate and all the servers are having different root credentials. How TSPS will help in this case ?


      If anyone can please share experience of upgrading Patrol Agent and OS KM using TSPS v11 for such scenario ?


      I know we need to run some script using root which can be done later as well post installation once TSPS deploys and installs the packages. But I am looking for an end to end solution where I can achieve this all using TSPS only.


      We already have other tools which are doing this job perfectly well so just wondering what value TSPS will add for this use case if we have to run post installation script manually on the target servers.


      Thanks !