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    Question on implementing a relay list with no backup relay

    Paul Hecker
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      We're running BCM 12.1


      Currently we use a relay list to direct client machines to the appropriate relay with an alternate relay server, that is not the Master, as the backup relay.


      Our problem is that when clients connect to the alternate server, they use a slower and more costly network route.  And for some reason, we have several instance where the alternate relay server is responding before the local relay server so the client connects and communicates over the slower, costlier route.  Once clients are connected to the alternate server, they don't seem to switch back to their relay, probably for the same reason, the backup relay is responding first despite the "slower" connection.


      I plan to address this be removing the backup relay from the client configuration, leaving only the relay list as the relay selection mechanism.  My question is, if I remove the alternate server as the backup relay, am I correct that if the assigned relay does not respond, the agent continues to try to connect to its assigned relay periodically?


      I just want to verify that, lacking options, the agent will continue to try to reach it's assigned relay and not give up (timeout) trying to connect.