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    Inquiry: Migration pack for Remedy-based HRCM 4.7?

    Rob France
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      Talking with a customer recently about migrating their On Premises HRCM 4.7 into Remedy as a Service.  The customer has already migrated ITSM into RaaS and now will be moving HRCM into the cloud and expanding on its use.


      Today, on-premises, they have about 1 million records in the system with another 6 to 7 million records in another system.


      Have we put together a migration pack for HRCM?  While it would likely be limited use, can we easily build one that handles most of the data?


      To limit this, it would only be good to map from 4.6 or 4.7 into the current 4.7 application.   Implementations of 4.5 and back have some fairly different forms/fields/ and foreign keying data structures.



      Rob France

      Solution Architect

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          Robin Ashford

          Hi Rob


          We already have a migration pack for HRCM developed some time ago. CMT would be a great solution to migrate the customer from on-premise to cloud.


          If the customer is on the same version of HRCM then this is trivial but we can also do transformation for other customers who would like to combine this with an upgrade.


          Please get in touch and I'd be happy to set up a demo or discuss further with the customer.


          Hope this helps


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