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    Control-M Agent Deployment enhancements

    Paul Robins
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      Just curious how everyone is finding the Agent deployment tool in v9? (I'm on v9.0.00.500)


      I've logged an RFE for the following enhancements and I'd be interested to know if anyone else has encountered similar issues\requirements.

      I have about 1,000 agents to upgrade. They need to be done out of hours and I'd prefer not to do overtime :-)


        1. Upgrade the ccmcli functionality for agent deployments as follows
          • The ability to create a group of activities through the CCM in a pending state, then subsequently activate the activity via CLI (including Transfer activities)
          • The ability to create an ‘activity’ for multiple nodes via CLI without having to run multiple commands, either via a list or via a selection criteria
          • When performing ‘install’ via CLI, allow an entire activity group to be triggered by Activity Name instead of having to specify individual activity_ids or individual agents.
          • Improve ability to identify the activity ID (The only way I found this was by the log of the Transfer activity)
          • Introduce the ability to create multiple activity groups and have them dependent on each other (e.g. ability to have an Install activity dependent on a Transfer activity)
        2. Upgrade the CCM to show the agent OS when selecting nodes for the activity
        3. Upgrade the Agent Deploy process to check for supported OS when checking eligibility