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    SilkPerformer 18.5 upload project

    Liran Tevet


      Lately I've ran into a weird situation were after uploading and creating new Application --> Execution Plan, my transactions are marked as N/A.

      I've looked at the Execution Errors and I saw the following error message : "TEA Agent cannot download script file."

      It's the second time I've encounter this behavior, the first time I've opened a ticket with BMC support.

      It seems that the file uploaded to the TSPS is really big (70 MB) which the TEA Agent can't download.

      I've download the ltz file and when opened it I've discovered that the results file are part of the file being uploaded to TrueSight (the Truelog ltz file itself is 60 MB).

      BMC Support did give me a workaround (export the project manually without including any result file) and then copy and upload the file myself to TrueSight.

      While this workaround does seems to work (the exported ltz file is just 15 KB instead of 70 MB) I think that the current behavior of the system when you are uploading the script to TrueSight with the result file included is wrong and need to be fixed since the Upload Project is currently useless since its missing its purpose.