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    Follow the Sun vs Triage

    Edison Pioneer

      Hello everyone,


      I've occasionally taken assistance from BMC Support to resolve unknown issues.

      In cases when the entire system was down, BMC could do something called "triage", which meant that responsibility would be passed over to the team in the geographical time zone which was in business hours.


      I happened to read this today → Overview of Follow the Sun - Documentation for BMC Service Level Management 9.1 - BMC Documentation

      and Follow-the-sun - Wikipedia


      From the looks of it, Follow the Sun and BMC Triage appear to be the same. Or am I getting myself wrong here?


      This is a simple thing. Just wanted to clarify from community folks.



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          Sidhdesh Punaskar

          In BMC, triage and follow the sun (FTS) are two different concepts but in both the cases, issue is assigned to someone else.


          Triage: team of few people from main team for each product who works on new cases and concentrate on those cases which can be resolved soon. If not then pass it to main team as it requires thorough analysis or engineering team intervention.


          FTS: In case of critical case, when particular geographic support coming to an end then handover is required to next region at that time, FTS process is used to handover case to next region for continuous support on critical cases.

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