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    APM Custom Timer Extract

    Liran Tevet

      Hi all,

      With the ongoing mission to move from TMART to APM Synthetic monitoring (which is really annoying) I've found out that the events that shown on the TSPS console are really not informative. What i'm missing the most is the Custom Timer name that we're extracted from TMART KM.

      I've tried installing APM 10.7 KM but I've discovered that the Step Status measure is no longer being collected for each Custom Timer which again prevents the Events from containing this really useful information.

      Does anyone knows how can I extract the Custom Timer that cause the event trigger?

      A simple example. lets say I'm recording the following script, each number represents a different Custom Timer (Step):

      1. open https://support.bmc.com

      2. Click "Login"

      3. Enter login details and click enter

      4. click "logout"


      If lets say for some reason the "Enter login details and click enter" (Step 3) page is unavailable ten the TSPS event will be something like "Application X Availability in Transaction Y of Execution plan Z at location Dev - CRITICAL".

      Beside that I know in which application and execution plan the problem occurred i'm lacking a very useful peace of information, which page is not available. Now I need to to start digging in TSPS in order to find out the rotten page. Furthermore if I'm sending this event to lets say BMC tech guys they need a good understanding in TSPS and how to navigate it in order to know which page isn't working.

      So if anyone know of a why to extract the Custom Timer name and add it to the TSPS event it will be highly appreciated.