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    Footprints 12.1.08 Freezing on login and ticket creation

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      We have 2 VMs for Footprints and the SQL database. We have the adequate specs shown below:

      Footprints Application Server

      Windows server 2016

      RAM: 16GB

      Processor Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 0 @2.00GHz (8 processors)

      System Type: 64 bit operating system x64 based processor

      1. 59.1GB Size Free: 36.94GB


      Footprints SQL Server


      4 GB Ram

      Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 0 @ 2.00Ghz (4 Processors)

      Hard drive size 99.51 GB total, Free: 72.44GB


      BMC Support informed me to use the Performance Review sheet. However, I am just wondering if anyone is having freezing issues with Footprints 12 for client logins and client ticket creations. Most of our clients use Google Chrome. The 2 users use google chrome that are having this issue. I checked the Footprints servers and I didn't see any critical issues with hardware of software. I have thought about checking the Footprints logs.


      If anyone has any experience, please let me know.


      Thank you,