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    How to map services end-to-end

    Yann Allard

      Hello, we have ADDM which is already great for discovering infrastructures, servers and applications. We want to map services, so we can get the big picture of all dependencies of it visually.


      For example, on the website, we have two services: change email password and chat.

      They both reside on the application 'Website' on the server 'MainServer'.


      Change email password service also require access to the database 'MainDB' and another application on another server 'EmailManager'.

      Chat service calls database 'ChatDB' and application 'Chatter'


      If I search for 'Website', I get all dependencies of the website (ChatDB, Chatter, MainDB, EmailManager, MainServer, etc..).


      I want to be able to search 'Change email password' and see only the main dependencies of that service (Website, MainDB, EmailManager).


      How would I manage that?


      Thank you!

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          Matt Lambie

          Hi there.


          How are the components configured against each other?


          Eg, commands / config files / database entries


          Once you know how to find the configuration, you could write some extended discovery to find the joins.


          SAAM or custom TPL can then be used to build a model.


          FYI I find observed communications a good starting point to "see" the connections in SAAM although only use that to help build out the extended discovery and BAI