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    ARERR [8932] You do not have write license

    Deyon Dussie

      Please help!.


      Back information:

      - just upgraded from ARS 7.5P4 to 8.1.02 base (no patches)

      - This is our path to get the 9.1.x

      - Customized service management

      - No ITSM

      - Only AR Server.

      - On oracle and aix.


      1. User has a read license


      2. On server administration, submitter mode = LOCKED. (change from Changeable to LOCKED, today)

      - on 7.5.p4 with changeable - users with read was able to modify. (gap i guess)

      3. User is the submitte                   

      ERROR on modify:

      BMC documentation :---