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    How much "processing" is Control-M capable of?

    Jon Morris

      I'm very new to Control-M and have a short-notice meeting this afternoon to discuss an integration that most likely would have our on-premise PeopleSoft ERP system (Control-M job) calling a 3rd party API to get new orders.  This 3rd party API call with be RESTful GET with JSON results returned.


      I've done a bit of reading to see that Control-M has a Web Service type job and also an O.S. type job that may fit the bill as far as getting the new orders by calling this 3rd party API.


      I'm not sure thought about how much capability that Control-M has with "processing" the returned JSON from this 3rd party API call.


      What would the options be for creating the "processing" logic in Control-M or calling "components" - the idea being to loop through a JSON data set that may contain 1 or more orders with each order having 0,1, or more order line items.


      The end goal is to get these new orders and order line items added to the PeopleSoft ERP - SQL database.



      Thanks for your thoughts,