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    BPPM attribute count increasing

    faizan khan

      We have a BPPM 9.6 environment and we have around 380 servers of which 42 are solaris file systems. These solaris systems are newly added the policy which we have applied for solaris file systems was unix default we didn't excluded or included any file systems in the policy because of that the attribute count reached around 39 lac's because of which we were facing data collection gaps after see the attribute count we tried to exclude the file system through CMA using syntax     .*kernel.*  for excluding all file systems with kernel in it but it didnt take any effect, i don't know  if the syntax is correct . Because it was not taking any effect we stopped the patrol agent and then deleted the agent through CMA and then started the agent ,after that remedy the attribute count reduced to around 2 lac's, but after that we restarted the BPPM server the count increased to around 8 lac's and the kernel filesystem is showing in red color in CMA.

      What should i do ?