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    RSCD agent deploy on Windows

    Pavel Shumarov

      Good day,


      I stumbled upon a very interesting behaviour by Bladelogic.


      Fresh installed Bladelogic 8.9 SP2 on top of Windows Server 2016.

      File Server: Windows Server 2008 R2


      I am trying to install agents on 2 servers:

      1) Windows Server 2016

      2) Ubuntu 17 LTS


      I have an identical username and password combination on both servers -> I have one Automation Principal.

      I have two "Remote Host Authentications" (for Windows & Linux)

      Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 17.04.01.png

      Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 17.04.52.png


      I have one Remote Host Authentication Routing Rule

      Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 17.06.29.png

      Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 17.06.36.png



      I can install RSCD agent on Ubuntu server without any issues.  But when I am trying to install RSCD agent on a Windows Server I got following error.

      Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 17.11.54.png


      In appserver.log I've found following information about the error:

      [05 Mar 2018 17:42:26,188] [WorkItem-Thread-69] [WARN] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [AgentInstaller] __JobRun-1262,1-1169__ Remote host authentication 1 of 2 'Ubuntu Linux' failed to validate against server 'srv-bl2' due to: Failed to connect to SSH port 22:  Connection timed out: connect

      [05 Mar 2018 17:42:26,188] [WorkItem-Thread-69] [DEBUG] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [AgentInstaller] __JobRun-1262,1-1169__ Validating remote host authentication 2 of 2 'Windows Server' against server 'srv-bl2'.

      [05 Mar 2018 17:42:26,188] [WorkItem-Thread-69] [DEBUG] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [AgentInstaller] Couldn't find proxy server for servername= srv-bl2

      [05 Mar 2018 17:42:26,188] [WorkItem-Thread-69] [FINE] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [AgentInstaller] Testing JCIFS connection.

      [05 Mar 2018 17:42:26,188] [WorkItem-Thread-69] [DEBUG] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [AgentInstaller] BlSmbFile.exists(smb://bbsa@$/)

      [05 Mar 2018 17:42:26,188] [WorkItem-Thread-69] [FINE] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [AgentInstaller] doConnect:<00>/

      [05 Mar 2018 17:42:26,203] [WorkItem-Thread-69] [WARN] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [AgentInstaller] __JobRun-1262,1-1169__ Remote host authentication 2 of 2 'Windows Server' failed to validate against server 'srv-bl2' due to: Failed to connect: WORKGROUP<00>/ Failed to establish session with WORKGROUP<00>/

      [05 Mar 2018 17:42:26,203] [WorkItem-Thread-69] [ERROR] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [AgentInstaller] __JobRun-1262,1-1169__ Installing the agent on 'srv-bl2' failed because all of the remote host authentications failed to validate.



      I did check firewall settings (open all Bladelogic, SMB ports). I can open Admin share(ADMIN$) from Bladelogic Application Server (srv-bl2/


      Any thought what might be wrong?


      Thank you in advance!

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