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    Pre-processing query output using Remedy API

    Gordon McKeown
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      Is there a way to apply SQL-style processing (e.g. ORDER BY, ASC/DESC, OFFSET x ROWS, FETCH NEXT x ROWS) to Remedy query output when using the Remedy API?


      Let's say I have a front-end web application that is querying for incidents. It displays 10 incidents at a time in a table format and has a method for paging through the results. Additionally the user can request that the results are sorted ascending/descending by a specific column.


      The user can specify query options such that thousands of incidents are returned. One way to handle these via the API is to post-process the results; i.e. to get all of the incidents that match the query, sort them in the required order, and then grab the subset required for the results page being viewed. This works, but is very poor design and extremely inefficient -- it puts unnecessary load on the Remedy server and on the web application.


      Is there a way to do this against an out-of-the-box HPD:Help Desk form in an efficient way? We're trying to avoid customising ITSM components, but if it can be done with an intermediate form and some workflow that might also be workable.


      (Note: Atrium Orchestrator is being used as a bridge to Remedy, so our solution has to use the API calls supported by its Remedy Actor adapter.)