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    Issue with BMC Atrium Core 9.1.02 Installation on the New Environment - Production Clone

    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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      Hi Team,


      We are on BMC Remedy ARS,BMC Atrium Core 9..1.02 along the ITSM 9.1 and My IT,attaching the logs for further analysis and resolution at the earliest possible.


      Few other Errors from Installation logs.

      - THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Failed to execute Rule Engine 2],Detail=[[RIKCOMMAND] LOAD_APPLICATION -c true -f D:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\en\workflow\adf_objectstore_1.xml -G 14400 -k 0 -l D:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore -L true -n BMCAtriumCMDB -N 7200 -t 1060 -u Demo -x CMSASD13 -X 21600



      We tried to Upgrade our Production Environment to 9.1.03 by following the process which we followed till date by Refreshing the Test Environment with Production and running the DDM once refresh is completed by Following all the Refresh Proceedures that are defined at our end with regards to Server Name and all the associated URL' that needs to have as per the Environments but with the db Version mismatch from to 9.1.03 we went into lot many issues and we are now on 9.1.03 rolled back and we are trying to have a Staging Environment which might help us to overcome this issue.


      We are trying to build the Clone of Production Environment which is on along the Clone of DB too.

      Followed all the KB Articles that are associated with this issue from Communities,tried to Import the BMC Atrium_CMDB.def,which says Import completed and reran the installer once again it failed


      We have successfully completed the ARS 9.1.02 on Our Both Environment which are supposed to be Server Group Environment with 2- Nodes on Application and One Midtier - Web access.

      We are experiencing the issue when trying to Instal/Upgrade BMC Atirum Core 9.1.02,already have a ticket with BMC and yet to get response to move further apart from sharing the logs we havent moved any step further.


      Appreciate response at your earliest availability.


      Regards;--Abdul Moid