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    Is it possible to grab html content and images from AR System Email Messages?

    Chris Jones

      Hi all,


      We are running on AR Server 9.01


      I have a Display-Only form that I have a rich-text enabled character field and an attachment field added. The attachment field is referenced as the Image Attachment Field for the RTF field.


      I can run a set fields action to get the HTMLBody content from AR System Email Messages into the RTF field and also I can get the attachment from AR System Email Attachment for the same email. Again this is via a Set Fields action into the attachment form on the Display-Only form.


      However, the image is not displayed in the RTF field.


      Also, strangely if I add another image to the RTF field, it replaces the one I grabbed in the Set Fields action and does not add to it.


      Has anyone done this before? Is it possible?


      I know the HTMLBody field does not reference any attachment field and the images attached are via a table (using the AR System Email Association records).

      So maybe this is the reason?


      If not, I may need to look into another solution using a View Field of the AR System Email Messages with a dedicated view.





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          Chris Jones

          Further investigations:


          The HTML references the image as


          <img title="Attachment Image: pastedImage.png" src="cid:pastedImage.png" arqual="&apos;1&apos;=&quot;000000000235702&quot;" arentryid="000000000235702" arschema="AR System Email Attachments" arattid="18004" width="535" height="334">


          so this refers to the AR System Email Attachments entry with entryId "000000000235702".


          Despite the same HTML on the display-only form, the image is not displayed.


          When I compare the image properties (when selecting the image inside the RFT field) from both I see these differences:


          AR System Email Messages:


          URL: http://<midtier server>/arsys/sharedresources/attachment/AR System Email Attachments/18004/000000000235702?server=<server>&?timestamp=1520438562036


          On my Display-only form:


          URL: cid:pastedImage.png


          So I need to know what is setting the URL for the image on the AR System Email Messages form? What is replacing the HTML Content ID (CID) with the full URL?


          I guess I can do this manually but it would be nice if AR Server or Mid-tier was able to do this automatically...