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    Deplyment Management Procedure - Midtier/SmartReporting/SmartIT

    Marek Ceizel

      Hello together,

      Firstly some parts from Documentation


      Starting with BMC Remedy AR System 9.1.04, BMC provides all the hotfixes and patches in the binary payload format.

      • You can deploy a patch or hotfix without using an installer.
      • The update is applied to all the servers in a server group.

      You can deploy a binary payload onto the following components.

      • BMC Remedy Action Request System Server
      • BMC Remedy Mid Tier
      • (Version and later) Remedy with Smart IT 2.0



      Now some questions:

      • Regarding Smart IT updates this way, I have not yet understood. What if you have a cluster of Smart IT ? From where do D2P know the host names ?
        (If you have a cluster of AR servers, the D2P uses server ranking to identify target servers.But as far as I know there is no such table for Smart IT)
      • Come to think of it, the same goes for Midtier (not sure if Smart Reporting also can be updated this way).


      Anybody know some answers here please ? or ping the right people (I'm not sure who is the right one for this theme).


      thanks a lot in advance