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    How to check for the Storage Ports on BTCO

    Abhay Bhagat

      Dear Experts,


      I am a user to BTCO and has access to my dc storage device on BTCO .


      Is there any place where  may see the port details of each storage devices on presentation server .


      If not on presentation server , Can I see the same on BTCO console , If yes , Please guide me where I see the same .



      BTCO - BMC truesight Capacity Optimization

      Version 10.7

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          Isabelle Guitton

          Hi Abhay Bhagat,


          In Presentation Server, you can find that information in the Capacity > Storage > Storage Systems view.

          By default the column Number of Ports is not displayed. To display it, click the action button near the Storage Systems Overview title, click Show/Hide Columns, select Number of Ports, and click Next.

          To have more information about the ports of a specific storage system, click the storage system of your choice to display its details and click the Controllers and Ports tab.



          Hope it helps,



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