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    Relating DB to BAI via observed communication on port

    Nicole Maalouf

      I have read through this similar discussion Application to Application Communication


      I have created application mapping of a BusinessApplicationInstance node that relates to its infrastructure.


      This is pseudo code for what I am attempting:

      //loop through the servers related to the bai

      //if any of the servers has ObservedCommunication where port = 1433 or 1521 (sql or oracle)

      //draw connection from database server to bai


      However, I am having some trouble building the correct query to return the database server node from the relationship

      Basically, I want the raw query from a Host -> report -> Detailed Observed Communication

      Then I want to filter by "Remote port" column, and return "Remote host name" column


      I tried this --

      search Host where name matches "%host%" traverse InferredElement:Inference:Associate:DiscoveryAccess traverse DiscoveryAccess:DiscoveryAccessResult:DiscoveryResult:NetworkConnectionList traverse List:List:Member:DiscoveredNetworkConnection where remote_ip_addr matches '1433'


      Any thoughts?