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    AR server not starting properly

    Edison Pioneer

      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to start my AR server but it always remains in "starting mode", shown in the image below


      I am getting the following errors in my arerror log file which I've attached. Also are attached snippets from armonitor logs and ar.cfg relevant snippets.


      Kindly guide me on whats going wrong.


      My bet is that I'm having some problem with the license file, coz that's what I see at the end of ar error logs. Should I ask for a new lic file from my IT?

      Also, I'm not inclined to believe that this is a memory issue. Still, if Java heap sizes need to be checked anywhere please let me know.


      Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance


      PS → SQL server seems to be working fine.


      Environment details


      AR → 9.1.02


      DB → SQL Server 2008 R2


      OS → Windows 7


      HA → No. Single standalone server.


      RAM → 12GB

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