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    Is there any way to remove application from sandbox when undeploy doesn't work.

    Neeti Rai

      This is wrt a sandbox where I am trying to undeploy or redeploy back the application but both fail.


      I had upgraded the app to push 1, tried back the same , still same.

      I had tried undeploying the app using maven as well as from the uninstall bundle option.

      It gives this error UNDEPLOY_PACKAGE_ERROR: ERROR (2): Server:null when tried from UI and attached is the log file when executed from Maven.


      I checked an answer in the below thread where  I guess the app  was  removed from back end .



      Is this possible for my app as well  deployed in below sandbox with name com.persistent.resource-management as I have a back up for same.



      Can someone please guide me here ?