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    Data API Get call for TSCO 10.7

    sameer sayed

      I am trying to do a get call using the data API, but getting a 404

      The requests that i have used are :


      1. http://<app-server-name>:8000/dh-services/data/DataMartIdentifier/ER_V_<DataMartName>_<DatamartID>
      2. http://<app-server-name>:8000/dh-services/data/DataMartIdentifier/ER_V_<DataMartName>
      3. http://<app-server-name>:8000/dh-services/data/DataMartIdentifier/<DataMartName>


      Can someone help me with understanding what i am doing wrong ?

      Using the data provided at this link


      thanks in advance