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    Will a Nessus Pro scan disrupt ADDM Appliances?

    Ben Seba

      Hello BMC Communities!


      We have a concern within our IT security team that if they use Nessus Pro to scan our ADDM appliance server it will somehow disrupt it. Could somebody confirm if ADDM appliance servers are safe to scan with Nessus Pro software?




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          Kerryn Wood

          Hi Ben Seba,


          We strongly suggest you upgrade. 10.1 is out of full support.


          I've never seen an impact. Admittedly I haven't worked with Nessus 7.x yet so that's based on <=6.x. I can't see it would be much different though.


          If auditing is enabled (STIG scripts) you will potentially see a lot of additional activity that may look like intrusion but isn't. Of course, if the security team are using brute force options to get in accounts may be locked out


          If there is a concern about a performance hit, then run Nessus against the appliance in periods out of scheduled scans.

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