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    Truesight BCO

    Michael Rees

      Has anyone in communities have a configuration sheet showing filesystem partitions for a BMC Truesight Capacity Optimisation v11  RHEL 7 installation?

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          Marco Colombo


          Are you talking about AS, ETL engine or Database?

          CO is installed in a single folder, except of a multi-AS deployment where repository folder must be shared via NFS cross the servers.

          For ETL engine is a single folder.


          In case of DB, it depends of type of store used and DB used (Oracle vs PostgreSQL). A recommendation here is to split redo logs, data and indexes on different drivers in order to achieve better performances.



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            Michael Rees

            Thanks for your reply Marco, we are trying to setup a POC  the AS and ETL will be co-hosted on a single machine, the database is going to be PostgreSQL 9.6.7 hosted as a single separate machine.


            The Presentation Server and SSO will be built at a later date but as it's a POC this will also be a co-hosted implementation.


            All the above will be installed on RHEL 7.2 Operating Systems.





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              Steffen Gruebler

              I suggest to study the Installation process overview.

              As you can see in the documentation, "Install Remedy SSO and Presentation Server" is the first step.

              It won't work to build it at a later date, because the Application server installation will ask you to provide connection details about RSSO and TSPS.


              Hope this helps,


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                Michael Rees

                Many thanks Steffen, I will take that into consideration.