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    Control-M 9.0.18

    Marco Bellusci
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      Hi all


      We run ctm v9 em fixpack 4 and would like to install the new version on top and now I have some questions:


      Does someone has already installed 9.0.18?

      For example the CTM for DBs will not be available anymore as a separate Software, which can be packed and deployed to the servers needed.

      The new CTM EM will come with DB-Modul and other plug-ins and from ConfigManager we should be able to install the db-modul on the agent needed.


      We have like five envirnoments, some security restrictions and some technical issues, which chould make this approach from BMC not working in our company.


      I'll try to install the new version on our sandbox and see what I can find out.


      Thanks a lot and regards


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          Florian-Sorin Iacob



          I installed Control-M 9.0.18 on HA (both EM and DC) Windows Server 2016 with both DB on SQL Always ON (2016). Tested and it runs OK.

          The DB plug-in is part now of the Application Pack. You can deploy it on the agents but it will deploy all the Application Pack on that agent.


          Some minor issues but I hope BMC will fix them in FP1.



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