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    Error in user browser after Mid Tier flush cache

    Alessandro Fenzi
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      when I flush the cache of the Mid Tier servers the users connected in the mean time sometimes receive one of the following errors (yyyy and XXXX is for sample):

      • Caught exception: Unable to get value of the Property 'yyyyy': object is null or undefined
      • Internal Error: Error generating page content. Try to clear browser chace and reload page. See Mid Tier log fo details (5-feb-2018 14.52.36) Form: XXXX (ARERR 9215)


      Even clear the browser's cache the problems still remain. The only solution to solve these issues is to hard flush the two Mid Tier server's cache.


      The configuration of the two Mid Tier servers is:

      • Mid Tier Version: 201509100901
      • Resource Check Interval (Seconds): 864000
      • Sync in cluster: true
      • Preload: Disable
      • Backup Directory: none
      • Perform check: true


      Is it possible to solve the problem configuring the Mid Tier in other way?