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    How to calculate the Aging of an Incident & show it in overview console?

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      Hi Experts,



      We are having a requirement to show the Aging of an Incident in the overview console.

      I am able to add the custom field in overview console but my issue is stated below:-


      I am trying to use the DATEDIFF function to calculate the Aging of an incident in "dd:mm:yy:hh:mm:ss" on the basis of  (Submit Date of an Incident & current timestamp).


      But while trying to achieve it via Active Link i am facing issue that what can be the execute on condition for the same........??


      Approach is to calculate the Aging on hpd:help desk & show it in overview console only.


      Also we are not supposed to use the Escalation as it might impact the server performance.


      Early response will be highly appreciated.





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