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    Implicit scans and ageing out

    Mark Lemar

      Do the same rules for ageing out & the destruction of a Host node, apply to Hosts inferred from an Implicit scan?


      For example, depending on your settings, Host nodes are generally Destroyed as a result of a number of failed scans over a period of time.  My understanding comes from earlier versions of ADDM/BMC Discovery, so would like to understand how this works in relation to implicitly scanned hosts in v11+.


      Day 1 - Hypervisor implicitly scanned from a VC


      Hypervisor decommissioned and removed from VC.


      Day 2 - Hypervisor no longer managed by VC, so the IP from Day 1 would not be implicitly scanned on Day 2


      In this scenario, I don't think the Hypervisor would ever be destroyed (unless a re-init takes place)?