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    User unable to access some functionality after 17.11.1 upgrade

    Keyuri Pophale



      We have developed an application using innovation studio 17.8 in which we had created groups and assigned users according to the group.

      After the upgrade to 17.11, we defined 5 roles and assigned user according to the individual role. eg: User 'project_manager' is assigned the role of 'Project Manager'


      When i try to export this application using mvn clean install -Pexport -Pdeploy and deploy it on another 17.11 sandbox, I do not get roles that were created previously.

      Is there any step that needs to be taken while exporting?



      When i created roles in 17.11, i am able to access all the functionality through admin.

      But for some user, some functionality is not accessible. eg: User 'talent_head' is not able to access view 'hiring'.

      Any specific steps that need to be taken to assign permissions?


      Any solution regarding these would be helpful.