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    Approvals in Custom AIF form


      Hi All,


      I am working on SRM 8.1 and i have a requirement with me. I had created a custom AIF and attached the same with an SRD in service request management. Now my requirement is this if any body submitting request through this AIF then it should trigger Two approvals like first approval goes to person1 and after Person1 approval request should go to Person2 for approval and after successfully approved from both the person's then a backend fulfillment should generate.

      What i want is below:


      -> Custom AIF form

      -> two fields which will store the Approver1 and Approver2 login id

      ->if that request is pending for approval then it should reflect in a custom field over the aif that it is pending for approval from Approver1 or Approver2

      -> After first approval it should set status of a filed that approved by first approver and show that it is pending for approver2 now

      ->after successful approval it should set a filed that This request has been approved by approver1 and approval to.


      Could you please help me to make it possible as i am not much aware about the approval process.

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