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    On Ok, Order Job - Question

    James Perrone

      We have a smart table with two schedules: 1 -> Mon-Sat and 1 -> Sunday.  The Sunday schedule has a different start time to account for weekly maintenance period.


      Job 1 (M-Sa) When a certain Completion Status is returned they have the job order itself back in.


      Problem seen in testing this is that the ‘Order Job’ statement can force in the Job 1 (Sunday) instance.  This copy has an execution time of 1200 to 2359.


      So if Job 1 (M-Sa) gets the completion status that forces in itself again prior to 1200 the newly forced copy will not run because of execution time.


      Is there a way to select which copy gets Ordered in?


      I understand the duplicate job names within the same smart table may not be the best option but this is what was inherited when taking over the scheduling. If there is an option short of untangling the duplicate job names that would help.


        Any recommendations?