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    BAO : AD Adapter : Get Attributes : Error

    Sanket Mhatre



      We have exact distingushed name for the computer object. Whenever , we are trying to use it in the AD Get Attributes object (:RBA-AD-Active_Directory:Active_Directory:v2003:Computer_Account_Management:Get Attributes) ; we are getting error. Input & Output as below :


      Input :

      [TEXT=Adapter Request]

      [adapter request=





        <active-directory-command>Get Attributes</active-directory-command>









      [TEXT=Adapter Response]

      [adapter response=



        <error>Message[summary=Exception occured in adapter 'ADAdapter', detail=Error: 'String index out of range: -4']</error>




      FYI.. If I use Search Computer object of AD (RBA-AD-Active_Directory:Active_Directory:v2003:Computer_Account_Management:Search Computer) It's working fine. So I can say the setup is okay, but looks like something not correct with the 'Get Attributes' parameters.


      Any hints?



      Sanket Mhatre