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    BMC Large Architecute solution - Technical Details

    Marek Ceizel

      Hello together,


      Anybody knows some source where I can find detailed BMC solutions architecture with all details about connections, required ports for communication, Load balancing settings / best practice, etc ....? Something like this picture but including required port to setup firewalls and Load balancers


      My reuqest to support was exactly:


      • Picture describing every required inter-connections?
      • What ports are required on each line and in each box (e.g. also inter-communnication between ARS servers in the group) ?
      • Is there a whole architecture solution like this including the ServiceBroker  (DWP Catalog) server group ?
      • What about the load balancers ? Which ports are needed tob e opened ?

      @RSSO : extra question regarding RSSO. Does this communicate directly with ARServer ? If yes, which port is used ?


      need this for solution including (ars/cmdb/itsm, midtiers, rsso, smartreporting, smartIT, DWP, DWP Catalog). So bppm , bao , etc is not so important now.


      thanks for any help or source ...


      best regards