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    How to add user under custom group?

    Prachi Vispute



      I have developed one application earlier using Innovation Suite. In that, I have created 5 groups and 8 users and while creating a user, I set the group name corresponding to that user.

      e.g. I have a user as "Project Manager" and which comes under a "Project Managers" group.

      But I'm not getting that option in the updated instance.

      If someone has any pointer on this, please let me know.

      Thanks in advance.




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          Laurent Matheo

          If I get you correctly, you created Permission Groups and you cannot see them anymore for example in the "Agent" tab, is that correct?

          Well, the permission group field selector has been removed at some point, I forgot when to be honest and you should use the Functional Role functionality instead:

          Functional role - Documentation for Innovation Suite - BMC Documentation

          Creating Functional roles - Documentation for Innovation Suite - BMC Documentation


          There were some "problems" with permission groups. In order to make one, you needed to:

          • Create a Group,
          • Create a Role,
          • Map the Role to the Group,
          • Give the Group to Agents,

          One of the biggest issue (imho) is that groups were not exported / imported in your application and you needed to create them again on your other system.

          You also could only map one group to one role.


          In a nutshell, when you create a functional role you can select other roles (one or several), and then in the "Agent" tab (or others), you can select the "functional role(s)" you want to give to this Agent.

          The functional role is exported with your application.

          Last time I checked, the drawback was that you cannot use the functional role in your record definition permission for example, you still need to pick up a role, same when setting permissions in process / role designers.


          I know Dave Sulcer played with it and it worked, he can give you more input.


          So you might have to refactor your application a bit to use them yes, I'll have to do it as well for another application I made



          Ross Mitcham might be able to explain better than me