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    Some resources / tutorials for developers (view component, rest api, javascript action etc...)

    Laurent Matheo



      So this thread is a bit of a summary of the resources you can find, I mention the official documentation, tutorial from Dave Sulcer, some community threads as well as the work I did initially for the T3 (tutorials / code / video) that (I hope) is bound to expand




      I°) Official documentation:

      Innovation Suite: Home - Innovation Suite

      Tutorial: Tutorial - Innovation Suite

      Integration Service: Home - BMC Integration Service

      BMC Developer Youtube Channel: BMC Digital Innovator - YouTube



      II°) Interesting community threads:

      I have written a thread on the BMC Communities on how to insert / use your own resources (css, images etc…):




      III°) Additional resources / video tutorials / code sample:

      For the past year I tried to prepare for this community some code samples. T3 last year was the perfect "excuse" to finish them and prepare a series of videos around it.


      On my personal Youtube channel I posted videos around what you can do in Innovation Studio, mostly around custom code as Dave Sulcer in his tutorial tackles quite well the "OOTB" codeless part


      The code mentioned in the video is on GitHub:



      Here is the list of applications / samples (https://github.com/lmame/Sample-Library-Public):

      Javascript View Components:

      • Custom Label (how to pass information to a View Component. The component is updated each time the value changes),
      • Display Associated data using Javascript framework,
      • Display data using Javascript framework,
      • Display a picture that is stored in an attachment of a record instance,
      • List of icons you can use for your view component (it is a view component with search capability),
      • Priority and VAT calculators. This one shows how to pass data to a view component as well data back from a view component each time a value changes,
      • Star System: Show how to pass and get information from a view component as well as showing how to display complex information in View * Designer (slider to select the number of stars, color picker, showing the stars in the canvas etc...),
      • Show how to use the "Refresh" Action to call a method in a View Component and insert the View Component into a record editor,
      • Calling a Custom Command and Custom Rest API using BMC OOTB resources objects,
      • Calling a Javascript Action from Javascript Code using "rxAction" method.

      Javascript Actions:

      • Calling a javascript custom Action and using rxNotification to display messages popups,
      • Calling a Custom Java command using $http to get result from it,

      Java Service:

      • Custom Java service that returns an Object that can be used in Rule or Process designers,

      Java Rest API:

      • Custom Rest API,

      Java Commands:

      • Custom Java commands delivered as examples,


      Here is the list of videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaOsmuxdXTE&list=PLKhrzlPY29F8_omqn1kFEsmcVduBFmZA6):

      • Episode 01 - Intro, what is this about?
      • Episode 02 - [View Component] What is a view component? Example with a simple view component
      • Episode 03 - [View Component] using Js framework to fetch and display associated data
      • Episode 04 - [View Component] using Js framework to fetch and display record definition data
      • Episode 05 - [View Component] Display an image stored into an attachment (custom inspector)
      • Episode 06 - [View Component] Using a View Component to display icons... So nothing about IT ^_^
      • Episode 07 - [View Component] Price Calculator, how to broadcast output parameters
      • Episode 08 - [View Component] Star System, custom inspectors and third party Js libraries
      • Episode 09 - [View Component] Handling Refresh action, insert in a record editor and hide it
      • Episode 10 - [View Component] Calling Custom Java Command and Custom Rest API
      • Episode 11 - [Action] Custom Action and notifications
      • Episode 12 - [Action] - Creating a synchronous JS Action + Custom Java Command, with result
      • Episode 13 - [Service] Creating a Java Custom Service to use in Process / Rule Designer
      • Episode 14 - Using Grunt to debug / test an application
      • Episode 15 - Double Grunt or testing / debugging a Library
      • Episode 16 - How to integrate third party Jar files?
      • Episode 17 - [View Component] - Creating a custom View Component from Scratch
      • Episode 18 - [Action] - Creating a custom Action from Scratch
      • Episode 19 - [Use Case] - Confirmation popup as a custom Action using dialogs
      • Episode 20 - [Use Case] - Confirmation popup, codeless version (follow up Ep 19)
      • Episode 21 - Using a Css class inside a Container




      This code and videos have been done on personal time and come "as is".