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    Bulk lock on Knowledge Base Articles

    Mark Beitel

      I am updating an org with approval process for their Knowledge Articles. Currently they have over 300 KB's that are in published stage. Is there a way to lock all KB's with status of Published though the data loader or some other process?

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          kedar zavar

          Put a validation rule on knowledge article. Example  If status ~= Published and ISCHANGED(LAstmodifiedBy)

          Show error




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            Mark Beitel

            Validation error is not exactly what I was looking for. I was looking to lock the record as if it was going through an approval process. But it sparked an idea and I was able to find a solution to my issue.


            I set up a process that would initiate an approval request on a KBA update. The approval would auto approve the request and lock the KBA.

            Then by running an updating on 300 KBA's from the Salesforce data loader [all KB's that have a status of Published] it would trigger my process on each KBA, run the approval request, and lock that KBA.


            It’s not the most direct way to achieve what I want but it worked, and I only need it to work once.