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    Update LDAP Contact from Ticket

    Anthony Guthrie



      I have a (hopefully) quick question regarding updating LDAP contacts. I read a couple other threads but they didn't quite seems to apply here. Not sure if this active defect pertains to my situation:

      Address BookDRZNZ-2193The updated information of a contact from an external address book such as LDAP is not updated in the FootPrints application.2017-11-30


      Running version 12.1.06 and hopefully soon moving to 12.1.08.


      The issue I'm having is that I want agents to be able to update contact information from within an Incident ticket. I have a lookup field on my Incident form that pulls up customer information. There is also an After Save rule that links the Contact to the Incident, which is also working. However, I added a field to Contact called 'Building' that is not pulled via LDAP. I would like agents to be able to update this field on an Incident ticket, and have it update the Contact record. That way, next time a ticket is opened for the customer, their Building info will be pulled up automatically. If it ever changes again, the agents can just update it while they're putting in a ticket.


      What's happening right now is I can pull the info into the Incident, but when the Incident is saved, none of the fields in the Contact are updated... Also for some reason, the 'building' field on the Contact gets blanked out (I populated this field manually on the database, then after saving the Incident that had a link to the contact, this field became blank on the database.).


      Here's screenshots of the configuration:



      Address Book mapping for Contact to LDAP.


      Incident lookup fields.

      From the Incident form, the contact info is successfully populated, and after saving, linked to the ticket.

      However, entering a value for 'building' only updates the Incident, not the contact record.


      Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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          Don Cholish

          There is no way to write to LDAP.  The integration only is 1 direction.

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            Mohammad Al Taj

            Don......It's good idea to make it 2 direction with LDAP and Dynamic SQL .

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              Anthony Guthrie

              Now on version


              I don't need to update LDAP, but rather the FP address book database. I just set up again from scratch and am still having the same issue.


              1. Added a field to the Contact record type called 'Building' - this is not mapped to LDAP.

              2. Verified that the newly created field 'building' was added to the FP address book database table.

              3. Created a data link field in my ticket form to the FP address book table on the new 'building' field.


              Now if I manually update the 'building' field directly on the database and then create a ticket, that value successfully pulls from the db to the ticket, so I know the link is working. Also, when saving the ticket, the associated contact successfully links to the ticket as expected.


              The only issue is upon saving the ticket. The linked Contact is not updated from the ticket with a new value for 'building'. If a new ticket is opened for the same Contact, even though the 'building' was changed in a previous ticket, the new ticket still pulls in the old value because the Contact was never updated.


              Am I missing something in the configuration or is this an issue with the application? Maybe I need an address book that is not linked to LDAP, and just run an import of users every once in a while?

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                Cristy Castano



                From my experience and understanding from BMC, the address book you have is configured as an LDAP/AD address book; not a FP address book.That is the main issue you are having; since its considered an LDAP address book and its one direction only, you cannot write back into the address book - even if you have a field created there that is not 'mapped' to an AD attribute.

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                  Nicolas Roome

                  I think I understand what you're trying to do.. Basically have a field in your address book not tied to LDAP correct? I don't believe this is supported.