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    SLM Notification Rules sending about to breach and breached emails at the same time.

    Steve Marth
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      Good day all,


      Hope someone can give me some guidance.  I'm having trouble setting up SLM notifications.  Here's what I would like to happen:


      at the Notification Threshold % for a response and resolution Work Target, send a notification its about to be breached.  Then, once a response or resolution Work Target has been breached, send out a notification. 


      Currently, my response WTs are set for 15 minutes, resolution WTs are set for 2 hours and both Notification Thresholds are set to 75, yet at the 10-ish minute mark of a ticket, two emails are sent stating the response AND resolution has been breached.  Then at the 1 1/2 hour-ish mark, two emails are sent stating the response and resolution are ABOUT to be breached...COMPLETELY opposite of what I want.


      I've attached pics of my rules, anyone have any suggestions?