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    The Reboot message text box length limit not divulged

    Joseph Rappe

      I struggled for a week with this recently trying to enable Reboot After Deployment on a patch job.  Everything looked good, I would save my changed, the spinner would spin for a while and it would say done.   Then I would go and check later and the changes had not been saved.


      After giving up and creating a support ticket, a helpful gentleman at support found this in my logs:


      ERR [6196] SQL Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Operation failed. The index entry of length 1264 bytes for the index 'PJO_Value_INDX' exceeds the maximum length of 900 bytes. (Native error: 1946)

      That would have been nice to know.  Between the lack of word wrap in the Customize Reboot Message box, no text or tool tip warning about the limit, no input checking of any type on this field,  there is no way to know that there even is a limit.


      Please add  some checking to the code, some word-wrap (please!!), or at the very least some on-screen text on this form saying "Maximum 900 Characters".