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    Three panels in panel holder - Fill, XY and Fill

    Timur Bokov

      Hello, everyone.


      I have following problem: I have two tables and two buttons between them, so I can transfer records from one table to another and vice versa.

      I want tables sizes to adjust screen resolution, but buttons should remain the same size, so:

      - I made parent panel with layout style "Fill",

      - add panel holder with three panels on parent panel;

      - 1st and 3rd panels' layout styles are "Fill", 2nd panel's style is "XY".

      - minimum and maximum size of 2nd panel are the same.


      1st and 3rd panels work as I expect. But there is still a problem - when I change screen resolution, 2nd panel changes its size. Could you please explain, how I can make size of 2nd panel invariable?