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    Leverage existing profile? (Garland)

    Matt Laurenceau

      Hey Garland Smith, I saw PATROL for Scripting: How to create Global Thresholds parameters created by the Scripting KM?


      Are you the same as Garland Smith and Garland Smith?

      If that's the case,

      Very happy to see you back here

      I strongly recommend for you to re-use your profile created 15 years ago (rationale: 2 reasons to keep and improve your Profile)


      Give us a green light, and Customer Care will do the magic for you:

      1. switch SSO mapping so that your existing credentials now point to Garland Smith
      2. deactivate the other profiles


      Note: if you want another Email to be used (for authentication and notification, you can private message with the Customer Care team, Joanne Dixon and more)