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    Field metadata incorrect, how can I update it?

    Rick Westbrock


      After getting another set of eyes on this it turns out that Remedy had created a different view name for the form where it appended an integer and this newer view has the correct field information. I find it odd that importing the form definition brought in this baggage (which exists on the old system). The correct view has a different schema ID as well. Apparently this is a very old bug in AR System (like back to version 6) where if you have duplicate view names in the form it can cause this wackiness at the database tier.



      I have run into an issue where the metadata for some fields is incorrect as stored in the FIELD table. I discovered the problem when I was using a view to pull data out via ETL and the view was missing quite a few fields and other fields had incorrect names as compared to what I see in Dev Studio. For example I have a field named Affected Systems List as shown in Dev Studio below:


      When I look at the FIELD table in Oracle it shows FIELDNAME = Affected Systems Text:


      where SchemaID = '3798' AND FieldID = '536871045'



      I also see that the Date Group field as listed in Dev Studio does not exist in the FIELD table.


      where SchemaID = '3798' AND FieldID = '536871075'


      Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix the metadata for this form? As background we upgraded from 7.1 to 9.1.02 late last year by standing up a new DEV environment, exporting objects from the old system to ARX files then importing those to the new system via Dev Studio or Migrator. When I look at the database view (IT24HR_RFC) on the old system it has the correct field names and includes all fields.