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    Trouble with relay in DMZ

    Jimmy Pate

      We have set up a relay in our DMZ, communication between the relay and the master is fine. Having some trouble getting the agent to connect to the relay from the internet. We have the firewall configured to pass from an external address into the DMZ on port 1610. The log from the agent shows the following:


      Invoke action RelayCheckClient on remote host '' for user 'BMC Client Management Agent', (tunnel ' ')

      PAC: Application Error (routine: recv_srv_hello, object: packet, reason: recv_failed)

      Failed to verify the supplied relay (relay.mycompany.com)



      For the external address our network team asked us to point to port 443 for https, but the traffic is being routed inside to 1610. I'm not sure if this is part of the problem?  Externally I can go to relay.mycompany.com:443 and see the BCM login page, but it's not taking any of my credentials. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      -Jimmy Pate